Why to choose  Mayur Indian Kitchen?

Mayur Indian Kitchen exists at the prime locations in Taipei city next to MRT's, Hotels, Indian embassy etc.

MIK is the biggest Indian restaurant chain in Taipei proudly serves fresh, fabulous and flavorful Indian cuisine.

The setup, menu and prices of all MIK branches from MIK-1(since 2011) to MIK-7 (latest branch in 2018) are different according to the needs and budget of guests.

We do offer Pure Vegetarian Jain food to Halal muslim friendly cuisine depends upon our guests need.

The Indian food at Mayur's are prepared by qualified professional Indian chefs and you can see them LIVE in kitchen.

You can enjoy the wide range of dishes to choose from. From mouth watering Vegetarian starters to Fresh LIVE roasting of Lamb chops, Tandooris to Nawab's favorite biryanis, Sweets, fresh drinks. There are so many different selections, that it’s almost impossible to find something you don’t like!