[Xinyi District] Mayur Indian Kitchen -Authentic Indian cuisine

Originally,I only wanted to be a literary youth, easily stroll around the shop, drink coffee and eat dessert.

In addition to the many people in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, there are Wu Pao Chun bakery, B1's restaurant and coffee shop, and every store has a full line of people at the door.

I just want to escape from this camp like a refugee camp.


It is really difficult to eat in downtown Taipei on weekends.

Some restaurants that are not lined up should not be delicious, and I have no patience to wait for those restaurants that are lined up.

So I had to stay away from the Xinyi District and go to eat the Indian dishes on my list!

Mayur Indian Kitchen is located near the intersection of Keelung Road and Renai Road, and people who shop are not likely to come here.

The quietness of this restaurant makes me feel relaxed.

The restaurant's name "Yo-yo Ma" is reminiscent of the cellist, but the chef Mayur is an Indian. He used to be the Indian chef at The Westin Taipei.

Mayur Indian Kitchen has two stores in Taipei, one is the Xinyi store on Keelung Road that I came here, and the other is MIK-3 near Taipei Guanghua Mall.

Mayur Indian Kitchen's menu has many meals, including common curry, NAAN, Tandoori dishes, and Indian vegetable curries.

For example, my favorite DAL Makhani is Indian vegetable curry.

I look at the menu and think that this Indian dish must be very authentic (not a Taiwanese version).

Because there are a lot of dishes that are not provided by the general Taiwanese Indian restaurant.

The price of curry averages $250-$350, plus Naan is about $60-$80.

You can order a meal, about $400-$500, with a variety of dishes.

Find a few friends to order together, you can eat a variety of dishes taste!

Because we only have two people, we only ordered two flavors of curry and Naan.

After taking a seat and ordering, the appetizer is Naan and mint sauce, which tastes a bit like American tortilla chips.

But I think the mint sauce is a little bit salty.

Chicken Tikka Masala 240NTD

Most people seem to order Murg Makhani when they eat Indian food.

But I don't think I should eat too much fat at night, so I didn't add fresh cream.

The curry in this restaurant has a special taste of spices. It doesn't feel thirsty after eating. Instead, the taste of curry is reminiscent, which is completely different from the curry we usually buy.

Yellow Dal 175NTD

Whether it is Dal, Daal, Dhal or Dahl, I translate it into Chinese as "Lentil Mud".

Many people don't dare to try it when they see it's yellow and thick appearance.

Dal is an affordable home cooking that is both healthy and healthy.

Dal is also a good choice if you are vegetarian (the Indian vegetarian diet on the plane occasionally provides dal)

The first time I ate Dal was the breakfast at the restaurant in Malaysia.

I didn't dare to eat it until it appeared in the breakfast of the next day, so I took some Naan and 豆豆, and found it was delicious after eating it! !

As a result, I continued to eat for four days in a row. After returning home, I still wanted to try to make the same food.

The Dal of this restaurant is very similar to what I think.

Turmeric, fennel and peppers are delicious together!

Garlic Naan 55NTD

Tandoori Naan 75NTD

The Naan here is not the same as the usual shape in Taiwan, and thinner than Taiwan, but both are very flexible.

Whole wheat is eaten with aroma of flour.

If you are a person who likes a touch of wheat, it is recommended to order this meal.

If you like heavy taste, garlic or spice scones will suit you.

Of course, if you want to have a dessert, Naan also has a sweet taste.

I have a cup of Masala Tea ($55) when I check out.

Masala Tea is different from the American cinnamon flavor Chia Tea.

When drinking the first Indian spice tea, there is a feeling of eating soy seeds.

Masala is a comprehensive spice. The spices in Masala Tea are ginger and cinnamon and cardamom.

Although the taste is very special, but somehow drink more and more smoothly.

I suggest you have a drink and check out Masala Tea, but Masala Tea has only hot drinks to choose from.

In short, if you like authentic exotic dishes, this Indian restaurant can be your choice.

I heard that M.I.K-3 is relatively large and comfortable. I can visit it next time.

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