{Mayur Indian Kitchen MIK-1} Meal is delicious

Today, my friend took me to Mayur Indian Kitchen in Taipei,Keelung Road,which has a exotic facade.

I have had an Indian-style buffet since I went to Australia a few years ago. I still remember it now,because the taste,aroma , and the plate is even more delightful.


Mayur Indian Kitchen serving a variety of Indian dishes, from South Indian naan, Mendu Vada Sambhar or Vegetable Biryani,Tandoori cuisine, Andhra and Kerala-style seafood, fish or Lucknow kebabs.

There has professional chef with a variety of meals in the restaurant.

The seats is not so many about 20 more or less,and there also had two long tables can be used, when the business is good or when the weather is good in the restaurant.

The MENU of the restaurant has a Chinese version and it is very clear.

The waiter will also introduce or answer our questions very kindly.

The store seems not a big restaurant but the meals are comprehensive.

I can see different countries people as I am abroad.

Its very intimate while people gather here for dinner,and we will all smile and nod.

The restaurant is full when it was lunch time.

Indian kitchen utensils are very special.I has tasted Indian cuisine when I was at Bali, Australia,and Malaysia.

I’m reminiscent of the buffet lunch with a big bowl when the first time I visited Australia.

First of all, the Indian biscuits served by the store its a very good appetizing and crispy little snack which are with tamarinds and mint sauce.

The main meal, drinks, and scones are on the table in a few minutes.

I ordered a cup of hot Masala tea cost 55NTD,and a Garlic Naan cost 55NTD.

My friend ordered a Butter Naan costs 55NTD.

Later,My friend ordered a Fresh Mango Lassi,and she described that drawn her attention by its yellow color and flavor taste good.

Indian food has a way to prevent winter cold and keep your body warm. The best example is Masala tea, which has good effects,and its warm and palatable.

I have seen chefs throwing Naan in other countries to show the exfoliation of the naan.

Garlic Naan and Butter Naan - all at 80NTD.

The naan is not only thin but chewy, after baking the outer edge is crispy and biting,and it is very flavorful by wrapped in seafood, and the burdock,

Goan Seafood Curry cost 380NTD.My friend like the taste and flavor of the Goan Seafood Curry.The sauce of Goan Seafood Curry was stewed by two shrimp,fresh seafoods,spices,and coconut milk.

The taste of Goan Seafood Curry with a naan or spices rice is impressive.

I ordered Beef Vindaloo for 325NTD. This dish is cooked in the Goa area. The beef is cooked in spices and has a sour and spicy curry.

Goan curry fully displays the stack of spicy spices in the South Indian cuisine. The sirloin is soft and tender, and the sauce is very suitable for rice and Naans.

If you like different exotic dishes, Mayur Indian Kitchen has a very good reputation, and each store has its own characteristics.

Mayur Indian Kitchen has successfully expanded in recent years and has become one of Taipei's largest chain of Indian restaurants.

There are also ladies’ nights on Wednesday, ladies’ shisha party, and Ma Youyou’s Indian tableware (Chinese food, barbecue,

Hookah, bartenders, drinks) are open every day (Tuesday not open), and there are many options.

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