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Mayur Indian Kitchen is one of the famous restaurants in Taipei ,Taiwan which also do lots of activities related to Indian food and Indian food catering in many different places few weeks ago , Mayur Indian Kitchen had a special party for one of the biggest companies of Indian which is Tata Steel , they were 300 Indian people in the group they booked Mayur Indian Kitchen catering services on a cruise while visiting Taipei On the 4 floor cruise , we set up the whole kitchen and our food catering services , which we provided them Indian snacks , food , main course , alcohol and non- alcoholic drinks and also some indian performaces Mayur Indian Kitchen is always looking for something new to make our customer and guest happy , if you also want to have catering for meeting party , Private dining , birthday party other events please contact Mayur Inidan Kitchen at 02-25431817 or 0921004175

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