Mayur Indian cooking class in Taipei

cooking class

#picture with students

Mayur Srivastava Indian Chef came to Taiwan since 2006 , he has served a variety of Indian cuisines and countless dishes in different restaurants of various 5 star hotels in Taipei as well as in other parts of Taiwan.

In his expertise of Indian cuisine , he has got a chance to teach some Indian cuisine to local Taiwanese people , he also love to cook, He wants everybody should eat healthy and stay healthy forever . Mayur started to teach Indian cuisine since 2010 , he has taught Indian cuisine in many cooking schools. Indian cuisine has has so many different parts from North .South. West East , Indian cuisine is versatile

indian spices

#Indian spices

Mayur has been to many places in India ,all the north to down south , east and west , he has worked with many Chefs all over the world

He loves to share his knowledge and style of Indian cuisine to the local people , in past few years , he has started to teach many different kind of fresh healthy Indian cuisine in many cooking classes such as Gourmet Plus ,Mini Cook, Taste studio and so on . he teach local people how to cook classic Indian cuisine , Kerala Masala Paratha ,Tandoori Chicken , Lassi an so on.

Vegetable Biryani

#students enjoyed the class

# Mayur teaches students to make Masala Roti

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