Mayur Indian Kitchen - DaZhi (Mik-Hi5) opening visit by famous blogger 馬友友印度廚房-大直

Mayur & MiK-5 team
The b1 dining area of Mayur Indian Kitchen - Dazhi

MiK-hi5 Indian restaurant in Dazhi, Neihu Taipei

The friends who loves eating Indian food has luck !

New opened Mayur Indian Kitchen, DaZhi branch is Mayur's 5th restaurant of Indian restaurant chain. It is located at Dazhi Station Exit 1, on Bei An road. You can enjoy the Indian vegetable, pure vegetable and non-vegetable halal cuisines here, you will be stuffed by Indian curry, and the environment is spacious with the exotic atmosphere !

Mayur Indian Kitchen - DaZhi Mik-Hi5 is located in the DaZhi MRT exit 1. when you turn left from the exit, you will see McDonald's on Bei An Rd, and turn from that alley to reach the restaurant. Mayur Indian Kitchen DaZhi branch was opened in 2016.07.03 on Sunday.

Mayur Indian Kitchen is an online grocery store in Taipei. This restaurant also has delivery service.

The special part of this restaurant is they have various regional Indian cuisines.

Regardless of South Indian Plain Dosa, Mendu Vada or Biryani, Naan, Andhra / Kerala style seafood, fish or Lucknow etc....

The restaurant hired proffessional chefs to make these variety meals.

India is very big. Indian cuisines has their own specializations and characteristics.

When you come to Mayur Indian Kitchen, you can try different Indian cuisines, that's awesome !

It is very easy to notice the restaurant.

You can find vegetarian or non-vegetarian halal foods on demand.

Mayur Indian Kitchen is the most popular restaurant among pure veg and normal veg options.

The subsidiary of Mayur Indian Kitchen is an online Indian restaurant.

Mayur Indian Kitchen is also working together with "空腹熊貓"

it is just right if the 空腹熊貓's delivery service works by fee.

You can enjoy the Indian foods anywhere. Dazhi in Neihu, Taipei also has an Indian restaurant that you can make reservation to have the meal. Many luxurious and business hotels are just walk away, the very famous Giant wheel at Miramar shopping mall and Marriott's International b rand hotel also just few minutes away.

Today is the opening ceremony of Mayur Indian Kitchen DaZhi Branch. I sm very grateful that Mayur invited Carry to join the opening dinner.

Mayur expanded the business territory.

Thanks a lot to Mayur, his wife and Carrie to share this special moment of the family and career.

Indian cuisines, Holi, Indian culture, music and dance...

Let this new restaurant fill with the love of India and God's blessings !

Opening pooja celebrations at Mayur Taipei

Lakshmi poojan by Mayur & his wife at MiK-5

Indian ADDG of Indian Taipei association at ribbon cutting

The sacred religious blessing ceremony and the opening ribbon-cutting.

Birthday celebrations at Mayur Indian Kitchen - 5

Mayur's Little Princess, Happy Birthday ! The cake is very speci

Live Indian Music performance by Indian artists at Mayur Indian Kitchen

Bollywood dance performance by Taiwanese dancers at Mayur Indian Kitchen, Taipei

Wonderful Indian music and dance performances.

The very spacious dining hall at MiK-5 Taipei, Taiwan.

b1 dining hall for extra spacious dining only at Mayur Indian Kitchen Taipei, Taiwan

Buffet setup at Mayur Indian Kitchen, Taipei

The restaurant has 2 floors. 1F and B1.

The dining space is spacious, it accommodates around 100 ppl.

No matter how many people will come here to eat, you can still find the suitable and comfortable seat.

The wireless Internet is also available.

Panaroma view of 1st floor of dining in restaurant at Mayur Indian Kitchen, Dazhi Taipei

When you walk around the restaurant, you will see India's original decorations everywhere.

South India Kerala's Cartagena with the dance possession is a God which has a green face.

Shiny elephant sculpture.

The Indian goddness which has a graceful body.

Those things makes the restaurant looks more exotic.

The open kitchen lets the customers eat happily.

Mayur Indian Kitchen Dazhi - Mik Hi5's dining options are;

499NT$ - Indian cuisine buffet (eating till feeling full)

199NT$ - beer or beverage (drinking till feeling full)

A various kind of curry, naan, lassi etc...

CP value is very high !

Drinking till feeling full

It has lassi, lemon tea, black tea that u can choose what u like.

This glass has a pure yoghurt inside, the taste is sweet-sour. Really delicious !

The appetizer

Fried vegs and Aloo Bonda with the mint and tamarind sauce.

Various kind of sauces

Tamarind sauce, mint sauce, mango sauce, garlic sauce, etc...

Indian rice

Spice rice is one of the staple Indian food.

Indian rice is a little hard.

Indian naan

Indian naan is a must staple food.

It is very fragrant while baking in the special oven !

Punjabi Spice Beans

The spices in the curry are essence of Indian cuisine.

Veg Yoghurt Curry

It is a perfect match to add yoghurt to the curry.

Spice and concentrated alcohol's reconcile shows a rich multi level taste.

Paneer Palak

Filled with spinach curry has a full nutrients inside.

And the cheese makes the flavor more enchanced.

Potato Bean Curry

Potato ia very fragrant and very smooth, it is really delicious !

Veg Biryani

It is Mayur Indian Kitchen 's classical fried rice.

Mayur was praised for his magic hands.The mastering of Indian spices needs a high skill.

When i ate the spice rice, I got the magic flavor.Desserts and fruits after the meal

Indian desserts are really sweet. WE had a wonderful evening at Mayur's 5th branch at Dazhi, Neihu Taipei.

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