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台北中正區美食●馬友友印度廚房MAYUR印度小廚●充滿驚喜的異國料理●MF的生活分享 Last Sunday, MM and FF had a whim to have the last dinner of weekend.Because they always eat japanese, western style cuisines. This time we decided to order something different. That's why we came to Guanghua Shopping center to search "exotic Indian cuisine" ! Finally I found somewhere called "Mayur Indian Kitchen, Indian small kitchen".It was hidden in the alley, like a feeling of hidden cuisine, haha !The appearance of the restaurant has a little Asian style, has a little mysterious feeling, let people wanna have a look !When you enter the alley, look around carefully and you will see the big sign !

When we came into the restaurant, I saw that seats were already filled. We looked at each other instantly, and whispered : we really came somewhere good .Because the 1st floor was full , that's why we went to 2nd floor.This is our seat on 2nd floor, table is a little small, and the atmosphere is not that good as 1st floor.But there is an Indian waiter who serves anytime.

I felt quite courteous.

The menu of appetizer,

The menu of grilled cuisines, The menu of main course, The menu of naan, The menu of side dishes, The set menu, This time we ordered two portions set which is 1099 NT$ by recommending. Masala tea, at first sight i thought it will be a frozen milk tea. But it has a special taste. Everybody has their own preference. Papad ( Green one is mint sauce, the taste is very refreshing / white one is spicy, has a little mustard flavor ). Papad really impressed us. Even papad is very thin, but also very easy to eat it, it is also delicious without sauce. Let people wanna eat and eat and eat, but unfortunately we only had few pieces. Salad, the yellow sauce on it had a pineapple taste, has lots of corn, really refreshing. Grilled chicken, has a fragrant smell. It came with the same mint sauces. The chicken is very tender, has a strong salty taste. Really impressive. Really delicious! Garlic naan, and butter naan has a fragrant taste, can be eaten with curry by dipping the sauce together.Spice rice is thin and long. Rice grains are very fragrant. You can pour the curry on it. Hot rice and aroma curry is very delicious together.Homemade cheese curry, inside has lots of beans. It is just a piece of cheese which is on the spoon. I thought it was tofu. When you bite it becomes more interesting. The thick cheese burst in the mouth slowly. No need to mention spicy curry flavor. Chicken curry ; inside has lots of chicken, almost whole bowl. If you dont like eating beans, you can order this one! I strongly recommend! I sprinkled the curry on the rice. Curry sauce won't be very thick in this way. The fragrant flavor stays in the mouth, remember to eat it hot! Rasgulla looks very cute. It is cold. Looks like ice-cream ball. But it is covered with sugar syrup. When you put the spoon in it, the sugar syrup looks very thick. Gulab Jamun looks like as if there is rose tea in it. The different part is, it is warm and more tasty. Easy to eat it up.It is such sweet you may not imagine! Food experience:The meal costs total 1209NT$ (1099NT$ + 10%service charge)This is our first Indian cuisine experience. The taste fit us. I believe there will be more opportunity to come for the second time.

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