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I rarely have the chance to eat Indian food. When I go to the optical shop, there is an Indian restaurant next door, and I don't know what to eat, just walk in and try it!

There are two tables in the store, one for the Westerners and one for the Indians.

Um~ this store should be very authentic!

I looked at the menu and didn't know what to order. I ordered a meal for two at the waiter's recommendation.

There are many styles, and each one can be tried.

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On the right is the content of the two-person meal:

Salad + Spice Shortbread + Spice Rice + Beverage - Spiced Milk Tea, Cola, Sprite (three choices two).

+ Veg. Samosa or Chicken Tikka (choose one).

+ Plain Naan, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan (three choices two).

+ Veg Curry, Chicken Curry, Beef Curry, Home Made Paneer Curry (four choices two).

+ Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Kheer (three choices one).

Salad: doesn't feel special.

Papad: It’s so delicious! The spice of the green sauce is very heavy, I don't like it, but my friend still loves it!

Chicken Tikka: Charcoal scorch has a scent and taste. The sauce on the left is the same as the Papad.

Masala Tea: Very sweet, but the unique flavor of India is quite special!

Sprices rice: It’s a bit hard to eat, but it’s just right after adding curry sauce.

Chicken Curry: A little spicy, Beef Curry - middle spicy

Chicken and sirloin are cooked very soft and rotten. I like the burdock part of the sauce.

Garlic Naan

Plain Naan - Naan is very elastic ~ the original flavor can be eaten with the scent of the dough.

Kheer: It's different from what I imagined. It... very much like a sweet milk porridge. No pudding feeling.

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