Mayur Indian Kitchen - The first original Indian restaurant of the chain 馬友友印度廚房 (基隆路店)

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In Taiwan, Indian restaurants are getting more and more, but i want to find the delicious and authentic one, and to find a restaurant with low price is also difficult, otherwise recently i discovered an Indian restaurant with nice prices in Xin Yi area. It is called "Mayur Indian Kitchen". This is the first Indian restaurant of the chain of MIK Indian restaurants in Taipei, Taiwan.

I posted some reports about chef's background, After Westin Taipei's chef Mayur left, he opened 3(Total 5 until 2016)new restaurants, one is on Ji Long road, and the other one is on Minsheng e.rd. and the last one is nearby Guanghua Shopping Mall.

Mayur Indian Kitchen is an outdoor kitchen that dining was placed on roadside (Update: now it's a full fledged Indian restaurant with 40 people seating at a time)

Although, the seats are near the road, the location is very convenient and cars are too less.

Compare to hiking area, we came here to have meal on hot day.

Plain naan - 55NT$

Butter naan - 55NT$

I liked butter naan most, the bright butter was coated on hot pancake and exuded a thick cream flavor.

Super delicious, It was baked very well !

Tandoori Chicken Masala - 145NT$

Grilled chicken legs curry. Chicken was not dry.

The sauce gives butter taste. This one has a perfect match with naan, taste is not bad !

Beef Masala - 175NT$

Has beef ribs, onion and curry with tomao sauce.

The meat is very tender and juicy.

Aloo Gobhi - 110NT$

This is a veg food with potato, cauliflower and tomato.

If you like to eat veg, you can order this one, quite delicious !

Chana Bhatura - 220NT$

Bhatura is delicious with chicken curry. Before i was eating brekafast everyday in India, and now i am quite happy to eat them here.

Chicken curry is used chicken and tomato inside. The way they cooked chicken is very soft and the tomato is very fresh.

Sour sauce and tamarind sauce. Even tasting single is still tasty and satiety.

If you want to eat single chicken curry - Chana Masala 110NT$

Dal Tadka - 110NT$

Dal Tadka is an indian soup, inside has soybean,tomato, onion, dried chili, fennel and yellow ginger powder.

This is very nutritious, and this is what any restaurant will have.

Grilled Chicken - 120NT$

Tandoori Chicken was served with yoghurt and spices. The way they grilled the meat is very tender. Has a great taste. If you dont want any curry sauce, you can just tell the cook.

Tandoori Chicken Set - 175NT$

This set has grilled chicken, spices rice, papad, salad, indian tea inside.

on indian style iron plate has lots of various dishes which is called THALI.

Spices rice has no flavor if you eat single, I feel the taste is improved the way taiwanese people will like. Papad is an appetizer.

Salad is also Taiwanese style.

Set menu's tea has a bubble spice flavor.

Samosa - 45NT$ / 1pc , 120NT$ / 3pc

This is a kind of indian veg snack, it was made by dough with potato and green beans inside.

The skin is very crispy. And faint spicy. Inside vegetables are not stable, can be changed.

Depends on personal preference, there are different flavors.

Has whole salty, also has cashews, grapes which gives sweet taste.

Otherwise, potato is necessary. I like to eat salty. In India in breakfast or lunch, tea comes as a snack.

Masala Tea - 45NT$

Indian Masala tea should be hot, only in this way you can get the flavor.

Everytime we finish the meal, hot masala tea is really good.

Lassi - 65NT$

This is a plain yoghurt, after eating those curries, have to drink this one.

And drinking cold has the fragrant !

Before we always went to eat Saffron Indian cuisines. The atmosphere is not bad, had lots of dish choices.The taste is absolutely delicious but the prices are quite expensive though !

That's why i cannot go there every week. just once in few months.

But I discovered Mayur indian kitchen, the prices are affordable. Almost the same price with Indian street snacks.I can come here often. I really recommend for those who loves eating Indian cuisine.

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